Rubik’s Futuro

The Rubik’s Futuro is a unique and mind blowing puzzle cube that everyone will surely love. This puzzle cube includes a very small usb cable for charging the cube. You have to rotate it fast in a circular motion, up and down and it will turn on. You don’t need to tap or shake it. It will surprise you when it turns on because it looks like having flashing lights in dots. If you tap it to the side, it will change in color menu. The green menu has a bunch of multi-player app but it has a couple of single player as well. There were so many menu for this cube. The object of this game is you need to keep the white dot on top and the purple one will be like a tail. When you press the white dot, it will move and you need to follow where it goes by moving the cube. Whenever you want to get out of the app, all you have to do is to make the circular motion again and it will get you to the menu. There is also a snake app on this cube and it similarly works with the snake computer game.

The goal for that app is to eat the red flashing dots that will appear anytime on the cube. The snake grows longer and eventually it becomes hard because it may run into its own body and when that happens, the game is over. You have to be careful as the snakes gets longer and longer because it gets more and more difficult. You will need two cubes if you wish to play a multi-player game. All you have to do is to go to the game app that you like and select it by tapping the side of the cube, the other player also has to find the same game on the other cube so you can start the multiplayer game. This cube is responsive and the connection process for the two cubes are impressive. There is a total of four menus and they are blue, green, red and assorted color menu. It also has a Rubik’s cube app and it works similar to the Touching Cube as it involves swiping and tapping of the cube with your fingers. This puzzle cube can change in different modes as you wish. This is one of the most amazing puzzle cubes in the world that will twist your brain a lot. This puzzle toy is very good for improving spatial intelligence, hand-eye coordination and speed solving.

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