Vudoku Cube

Believe it or not but you can now enjoy playing a V-Cube 3 and Sudoku puzzle, all at the same time. The Vudoku Cube is a very fascinating puzzle to solve. It is a flat V-Cube 3 puzzle and the packaging comes with a standard booklet that contains guide and solutions for any 3X3 puzzle cube. It comes in a matte finishing that’s why it does not look glossy. The puzzle parts are printed with numbers. You can play and solve the Vudoku cube in the same manner that you solve the cubes with printed picture or image. You should really expect to get tough challenges from this puzzle. You’ll get drawn with the numbers and its design is apparently inspired by the popular math puzzle Sudoku.

Each individual cube parts is methodically awesome. When you turn around the cube, you’ll see that every face of the cube is basically a 9×9 Sudoku. You’ve got to have a serious number thinking in solving this kind of puzzle cube.  Don’t worry because the cube parts are so easy to scramble, twist and turn. You’ll surely have a fantastic puzzle solving experience with Vudoku Cube.

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