Black and White Art of Face

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I was wonder struck to see this art of face by Alexander Khokhlov. I was reminded of the Yin and Yang, when I first saw this photograph. There is only one face in the picture but the painting style and concept has made it look both interesting and deceiving. It looks like there are two faces in this picture. The white one is forward facing whereas the black face is having a side view. I can see the great talent of Alexander in visual arts through this masterpiece. Overall, this picture looks simple and beautiful.

About the Black and White Art of Face

This Black and White Art of Face was created by Alexander Khoklov. Alexander has cleverly used the black and white which are two contrasting colors for this art of face. He used his creative concept and talent in photography in order to create two facades in just one face. It is actually a brilliant idea because the photograph looks tricky and fascinating.

About the Artist

Alexander Khokhlov is a professional artist and photographer. He was interested in fashion and beauty. In fact, he has already created a gallery of artworks for art of face, street, creative and portrait which can all be viewed in his website.

Thank you very much Alexander Khokhlov for allowing us to post and share your Black and White Art of Face. If you wish to see more of his artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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