Gear Cuboctahedron

The Gear Cuboctahedron is another intriguing puzzle that is worth checking out. It is basically a gear cube that was modified into the shape of a cuboctahedron. Mefferts began selling this puzzle in 2014.The package comes with a do-it-yourself stuffs. It has a black body and you actually need to put the stickers on the puzzle. You’ll get fascinated with its intricate design and striking appearance. There are gold stickers which make this puzzle cube look more eye-catching.

It is a 10 faces shape mod inspired by Oskar’s Iconic gear cube that was later on developed by Benjy. Just make sure that you buy only the authentic item with Oskars’s Logo so that that Oskar and Benji will receive their just recognition as co-creators. Be forewarned that there are companies that imitate this puzzle toy and claim that they are the original inventor. It turns really well and you’ll enjoy playing this brilliant twisty puzzle.

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