Hexiom Connect


Hexiom Connect is an addicting online puzzle game. This can enhance creative thinking and problem solving skills. The players need to carefully observe on the forms and direction of lines on the tiles. This is a great puzzle game for both kids and adults. If you have the passion for playing puzzles then try this one.

To clear a level, the player needs to arrange the tiles so that there will be no unmatched connections. The player can use the mouse to click tiles and drag them to the desired position. Shift clicking the tile can help the player monitor which tile positions you are sure of. The player can not play the higher levels without accomplishing the current levels. As the player continuously progress in the game, the levels become more complex to solve. The less blank tiles or spaces, the more challenging the current level can be. The player will absolutely need a lot of concentration for this game.

Find yourself playing in the outer space with Hexiom Connect. Visit www.kongregate.com to know more about the game and where you can play it for free. This website is the superb source of amazing and mind twisting games online.

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