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LIFE Picture Puzzle Mysteries is the latest in the series of the excellent spot the differences books put out by LIFE over the last several years. They tend to follow much the same style but differ in the themes of each book and of course in the puzzles. The puzzles are presented in 4 categories of difficulty, Novice, Master, Expert and Genius. Each puzzle consists of a full page “doctored” photograph with usually 10 to 12 differences to find. A chart to keep score accompanies each puzzle and also a time challenge is there for you, if you want to add an extra challenge. Some reviewers have criticized the clarity of a few of the puzzles, such as the night scenes, but personally, I feel that just adds to the fun of finding the differences. These books seem to appear each year about this time, make excellent gifts, and everyone, young or old, will find them entertaining. I notice that these books have also been sold as box sets of usually 3 different books. So, one should be careful which books are in the set, particularly if you already have some of them. Each puzzle is accompanied with a solution in the back of the book. In the case of these particular books, I find the grid, description and B&W image of the solution more awkward than the “dot” or circle most books use to identify the difference. I also reviewed another “spot the difference” puzzle book today and gave a couple of “net” sites where you can find more puzzles like this one. For something that everyone will pick up and enjoy, you can’t go wrong with this book. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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