Magic: A FlowMotion Book

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Magic: A FlowMotion Book is a small book of 96 pages. It gives some of the basics of Magic and detailed information how to do 30 Magic Tricks. It also teaches how to perform palms, slights and the French Drop. Each Magic Trick is presented using a rather unusual technique of strobe-like, wide-format photographs created by a cutting-edge digital technology that fluidly capture entire movement sequences with key stages highlighted. It’s as if you were watching a video. Underneath the pictures, captions provide even more directions. All illustrations are in color. Francome makes no bones about that to perform one of these Magic Tricks flawlessly, takes a lot of practice but if you want to really amaze and entertain, smooth execution is essential. Though I don’t “do magic”; I found this method of instruction has made it quite easy to understand especially on how these illusions are accomplished. I doubt that anyone who has learned a repertoire of tricks will be very impressed with this book as they probably know how and may even be good at performing them. But, to someone who enjoys Magic Tricks and would like to learn some of the secrets and even “do” a few, will find this an excellent book. You can purchase this book at Amazon.




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