Mega Picture Puzzles: Challenge Yourself to Spot the Differences

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Mega Picture Puzzles: Challenge Yourself to Spot the Differences is an excellent book for all to enjoy. This is the type of book that you can leave around and surely someone will pick it up and enjoy the puzzles. It will entertain young and old alike. I doubt if anyone has not come across “Spot the Differences” puzzles. They have appeared in papers and magazines for as long as I can remember. Some are very easy, some are quite difficult, and many are in between. I find that when there are 10 or 20 differences to find, some jump out at you almost immediately and often the last couple becomes a real challenge. This can depend on the individual, as not everyone finds the same ones in the same order.

This is a good book of puzzles for a few reasons. The puzzles are full page, they are all made of “doctored” everyday scenes and other types of photographs, they vary in difficulty and most are in color. Each photo is accompanied with a chart showing the number of difficulties that are to be found and you are able to keep score of your successes. There are solutions to all the puzzles at the back of the book. The book has 176 pages; it is of high quality paper, printing, construction and with 8 puzzles, will provide many enjoyable hours. Now, with the availability of the “net” there is plenty more of these types of puzzles to be found. You might start your search with Spot the Differences puzzles. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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