Metallised Purple Ghost Cube

The Metallised Purple Ghost Cube is a remarkable puzzle that is worth buying. The package includes a beautiful Mefferts puzzle felt bag printed with its golden logo. If you want to level up your puzzle solving skills then this puzzle cube would be great for you. It is actually challenging to solve because of its shape shifting features that allow only one solution. The misaligned layers as well as the odd shaped pieces are noticeable. This puzzle cube is a must have because it is absolutely a gorgeous puzzle. It only comes in one color and that makes it a lot more challenging.

There are actually a lot of ghost cubes but this metallized purple really stands out with its dazzling color and finish. It is prominently bigger as to compare with the standard 3x3x3 puzzle cube but it is about the same weight. It is one of the most beautiful puzzle cubes that you can see in the World Wide Web. It looks pretty cool when you shape shift it. It turns really smoothly so you will definitely enjoy scrambling and solving this twisty puzzle.

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