Picture This! Mazes

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This Picture This! Mazes is rather a small book of only 76 Mazes but it will give you hours of entertainment. The mazes are different from the run-of the-mill type of maze where you start at one point and work your way to the exit. However, with these mazes you are then only half finished. When you have completed the maze, then color in the path you traced with a dark, thick line of pen or marker to see a picture appear. Then starting with maze number 58, we get what are called reverse mazes. No, you don’t do them in reverse. You complete the maze like you always do but then you color in all the wrong paths to create a picture. Pictures include all kinds of figures, animals and objects but the ones I found most interesting were the portraits of famous people, all Presidents of the United States, I think. Some are easy to identify like George Washington, George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan and John Kennedy, some of the others are a bit more challenging, though! You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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