Shift 2

If you are an adventurous type of gamer then you will surely love playing Shift 2. This game offers great game dynamics and lots of goodies you’ll love. The thrilling surprises of challenges will surely keep you alert while solving the puzzles. The player can always quit or replay the game.

The character in the game can be moved with arrow keys and just press space bar to jump. The players can save their game. This will surely drive the players to complete the level at their best because there are tons of medals to collect. This Shift game is still in color black and white cartoon graphics. There are different chapters to complete in this game but the player needs to unlock each game level. Play the game now because it is the time to level up your puzzle gaming skills. Let’s see how you can stretch your tenacity with this game. This will challenge your puzzle solving skills, concentration and wit.

Have some fun with the classic shift puzzle action now! To discover more about this mind boggling game, you can visit where you can also play it for free. This website is one of the best sources of online puzzle games that adults and kids will absolutely love.

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