Solitaire Chess



Solitaire Chess is simple to learn yet impossible to master and super addictively fun. This is a new logic puzzle based on the rules of Chess. For chess newbies and experts alike, Solitaire Chess can be played quickly.  Every move must be a capture. The player needs to think hard about his moves to try and solve the game. Each challenge starts out with a selection of chess pieces on a 4×4 game board. The player’s objective is to capture the pieces one by one until there’s only one left.

The player of this game must plan his moves wisely. Familiarity with the Chess game is not a requirement. The player needs to hold any piece in the air to see its name and all possible moves. It is just easy to be familiar with every piece as well as movement rules of Chess. This game features over 400 Challenges, 100 at each difficulty level, four difficulty levels ranging from easy, medium, hard and expert. There is also a challenge scorecard to keep track of player’s wins. It is possible to save multiple games progress in this game. The player may opt for hint, reset and undo buttons to help him figure out each puzzle. This fantastic puzzle game was created by ThinkFun, Inc.

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