String Avoider


Who says you shouldn’t run with scissors? Play String Avoider and enjoy the thrilling puzzle maze adventures where in scissors can be your friends. The aim of this game is to get your string to the end. The player will need the computer mouse in order to drag the string and be careful not to touch the walls.

This game will challenge the player’s creativity and problem solving skills. The puzzle solver needs to carefully study how to reach the end successfully. The player must pay attention to the string, target destination and the figure out the best way to use the scissors. Carefully move the strings and avoid the walls. Otherwise, the string will look like an electrified snake. This game will enhance the player’s computer gaming skills, eye vision, concentration and strategy skills. This is indeed your ultimate maze game.

This is a great brain teaser for kids and adults. It is enjoyable to play and highly addicting. Just visit  to discover more about this game and where you can play it for free. This website is one of the superb sources of fun brain twisting games in the world. Go to the site now and find plenty of fascinating mind boggling games.

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