Unblock Car



The most popular sliding block puzzles game on “Google Play”. Every day we are having parking problems that we need to solve and it is what this game is all about. The main task in Unblock Car game is to get the red car out of the parking lot. You need to move all the cars on the parking lot so the red one can come out. Sounds simple but it can get pretty tricky. This game is absolutely FREE so why not try it?

Here are the game features:

1. 4 difficulty levels with 3,000 puzzles!

2. Easy Tutorial!

3. 4 different board themes!

4. Keep track of all the puzzles you have solved!

Be sure to check this puzzle game out! Just visit www.play.google.com for free demo download link. Make sure to check this killer puzzle game. Let us know how you do like the game by commenting this article! Enjoy!

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