The 3x4x5 is another interesting twisty puzzle. You need to first put stickers in the tiles before you can play this puzzle cube. It’s turning really well and it feels a little loose, it may sometimes sounds like a jiggle. Just be careful in moving it quickly because the cube may explode when you apply it with much force and speed. You can use a blade or a cutter when putting stickers to this puzzle cube. It is easy to apply stickers on the cube but it is time consuming. It may take almost an hour to sticker the whole cube. You can scramble this puzzle cube in different ways and you can have many solutions for this twisty puzzle. This puzzle is also shape shifting, it turns like a 3x3x4 and it is so fun to mess up this puzzle cube. The parts of this twisty puzzle may pop out for many times so you must be careful in turning and moving the layers. This is actually what makes this puzzle cube challenging to solve and this is not recommended for average puzzle cube solvers.

You can enhance the functioning of your brain when you give it a good workout. You can power up your memory, logical thinking and problem solving skills with this very challenging puzzle cube.

You can purchase the 3x4x5 at 3x4x5 Cube.

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