Monkey Pod Games, The Star Puzzle

Puzzles have entertained people for centuries. Puzzles take various forms from Jigsaw, Crossword, Number (Sudoku), Wire, Sliding Block (15-Puzzle),Twisty (Rubik’s Cube), Dexterity, just to name a few but Wood Puzzles or Burr Puzzles come in a huge variety and degree of complexity. Sometimes they are referred to as Mechanical or Hand Held Puzzles. Basically, Burr Puzzles are made up of a number of notched, interlocking pieces of wood. This Monkey Pod Games, The Star Puzzle is an excellent example of one that has been around so long, it is a classic. It consists of only 6 pieces and as far as Burr Puzzles go, rather simple. This puzzle concept is taken to great extreme with thousands of different ones, some extremely complicated and some are very original, beautiful and sold as limited editions costing hundreds of dollars and desired by puzzle collectors. If you want to see what great puzzles and puzzle collections exist, search out books such as “Puzzles New and Old” by Slocum and Bottermans. In the meantime, enjoy this Star Puzzle which is a classic and will give you an introduction to the many other wood puzzles that exist for you to enjoy. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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