Oskar’s Treasure Chest

The Oskar’s Treasure Chest is also known as the Gift Cube. This stunningly beautiful puzzle cube was invented by Oskar van Deventer and was mass produced by the Meffertz. It looks very nice and you can even open it up when the cube is solved. You will be surprised to see a large hidden compartment where you can put any gift that could fit in it. This puzzle cube is really worthy to be called a treasure chest. The only way to get the precious gift is to solve this gorgeous puzzle cube and this is definitely a clever concept. The objective for playing with this puzzle is to scramble the cube and solve it back to its original arrangement. It really looks great because it is glittering and you can turn the cube parts smoothly. This is a must have puzzle cube especially if you are a type of person who likes compartments. It turns not that wonderfully but it is not too bad considering the fact that the cube pieces are hollow.

Playing this brain stimulating puzzle cube can help improve your cognitive skills. You can boost your memory, problem solving, logical thinking and concentration whenever you solve this puzzle cube.  This puzzle cube looks like having gem tiles and this is what makes it resembles a treasure box.

You can purchase the Oskar’s Treasure Chest at Oskar’s Treasure Chest.

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