Shift 3



It is time to take your puzzle action adventures to the next level with Shift 3. it is an adventure maze game that is jam packed with excitement and mind twisting challenges. It is the perfect time to get your ultimate mind boggling challenge with the biggest shift in this puzzle adventure. The element of story for this shift game definitely becomes larger. Players will surely enjoy playing with complex mazes with the super fancy secret character! The player will need to use the arrow keys to move and play.

The player can always quit or replay the game. The puzzle solvers can even save their game. This version of Shift puzzle adventure will surely drive the players to play at their best. There are tons of medals to collect which are incorporated into the API of kongregate games. Let’s see how you can stretch your persistence with this game. This will test your puzzle solving skills, focus and smartness. Excellently build your level in this game.

Enjoy some classic shift puzzle action now! To discover more about this mind twisting game, you can visit where you can also play it for free. This website is one of the best sources of online puzzle games that adults and kids will absolutely love.

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