The Big Book of Sudoku Puzzles

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First of all, let me make one thing very clear. I am a big admirer of The Sterling Publishing Company. There is no equal to them in the number and high quality of books that they publish on puzzles. Check some of my other reviews on puzzle books and you’ll find I’ve heaped praise on them for their efforts and accomplishments. However; everyone can have a ‘bad hair’ day. The whole Sudoku scene took off here in May of 2005, in a little ‘freebie’ newspaper in boxes at transit stops. Over the next couple of months books started to appear in the bookstores. I’ve written reviews on several of them and discuss what one should look for in a good one. First, there should be good coverage on the background of the puzzle, then good instructions on hints and methods for solving particularly if one is just getting started. Then the size of the grid should be at least 3″X3″, preferably larger. By the way, The Toronto Star has just increased their grid from 31/2″ to 5″.Next, the paper should be much better than newsprint grade for ease of erasing. The puzzles should be graded in difficulty. One book I reviewed even gave completion times depending on skills. Another thing to consider is how flat the book lies as well as its size, particularly if you intend to carry it around. Finally, there is the number of puzzles and the price. Now what about this book? Competing books are flooding the shelves. If The Big Book of Sudoku Puzzles book had come our in August or so, it might not have been too bad. However, it has almost nothing in background or solving methods. The pages are too large with 4 puzzles per page and at this stage; they’re on the small size at 3″. The puzzles are not graded and there are no time targets. The paper is not too bad, roughly typewriter bond grade. At 8″X10″ it is too large to carry around and doesn’t lay flat. A couple of months ago books were coming out with 100-300 puzzles last week I bought one with 1001 puzzles. So, about the only thing this book is ‘with it’ is that it has 944 puzzles. In summary, this book is late arriving on the scene, nothing exceptional about it, several shortcomings and priced up there with others I would recommend over it. Once again, I would reiterate that Sterling has published high quality puzzle books and maybe Sudoku is just not their world. It’s not that I don’t think they couldn’t do better it’s just that they didn’t. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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