The Mammoth Book of Quick Puzzles

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The Mammoth Book of Quick Puzzles is an excellent book of puzzles for someone new or an old hand at these brainteasers. Just a side story, the copy I have was printed in the UK by Running Press but the cover is the same as shown here except that the description says there are “over 300” puzzles, not 400 as in the photo. My copy has 480 pages, but this version has 512 pages, however, I think they are much the same book. The author, Nathan Haselbauer, is the founder and president of The International High I.Q. Society. As far as I know, this is the 3rd such book of puzzles he has published, all in recent years. He is not as well known for Mensa type puzzles as some of the others we are familiar with on this side of the “Big Pond”.  By and large the puzzles are of the “Quick” type, and many can be solved in the matter of a couple of minutes. There are others that will take considerably longer. There is not much in the way of new or original puzzles as they are the style that is quite common. The answers are given to all the puzzles, though little in the way of clues or explanations. There is a good mix of puzzles, but there is a fair amount of genre repetition. For instance, there are several of each variety of puzzles such as Sudoku, Spot the Difference, Mazes, Buy-Buy, Jigsaw Puzzles, Shadows, Stamp It Out, Box Clever, Sequence Conundrum, Hexagony, Odd One Out, Follow The Thread, Shape Spotter, Cut Out, In The Count and Etch.  For anyone who likes to construct puzzles, there are several (such as the Jigsaw and Hexagony) which could be made up in cardboard or wood. For those interested, there is an excellent website that gives information on the society, a nice group of puzzles that are somewhat different from those found in the book.

Anyone interested in puzzles will get a lot of enjoyment from this collection of puzzles and particularly if wanting a change from just Crosswords, Word Search and Sudoku. You can purchase this book at Amazon.

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