Trap Balls

This classic puzzle game will just take 1.7M on your phone and it’s absolutely FREE so why not download it? You need to check this one out! In Trap Balls, the main quest is to get all the balls or how I love to call them space balls on one place. There is nothing much to say, just download the game and try it yourself, it will take about 1 minute of your time just to download it.

Here are the game features:

1. Game consists of squares.

2. Place obstacles around central area to prevent movement of 12 space balls.

3. If balls move too slow or too fast, press the ‘shake’ button.

4. Game finishes when all of the space balls are inside the central area

Just visit for free demo download link. Make sure to check this killer puzzle game. Let us know how you do like the game by commenting this article! Enjoy!

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