Worldwise Imports Wood Puzzle Dice Game

Worldwise Imports Wood Puzzle Dice Game is a beautiful puzzle or more appropriately what you would call a brainteaser. It is essentially a 2 3/4 inch dice that is sliced into 9, same shaped pieces. By slicing the dice this way, the pieces end up with the “spots” scrambled. Obviously, the challenge is to reassemble the dice so that the total number of spots on opposite sides always equal 7 as with the regular dice.

It is a puzzle that looks easier than it is and therefore if left around just about anyone will “give it a try” thinking how hard could that be? The puzzle is well made and there is no fear of anyone breaking it. Also, the puzzle will give lasting enjoyment and challenge, because if once solved it is still a challenge to scramble and resolve or hand it to someone else to solve. For anyone who likes to make puzzles, this would be a good one to try. All you need to have is a way of slicing a dice, the larger the better and away you go. Simply carry the pieces around and use as a conversation piece with friends. “Look at this, my lucky dice broke, who thinks they can put it back together?”. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.

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