Zilch can be a one player or two-player game. You can either sign up to play or just try this game as a guest player. This is a game of dice and skill. Let’s see how smart you are in taking points and taking chances.

There are rules for playing the game and they are as follows: The player needs to roll the dice to start his turn. If the player rolls some scoring dice then he must earn some points before he can roll the dice again. If in the case the player doesn’t score then the player zilch and will earn no bank points. The player will also lose his turn. Take note that having three zilches in a row will make the player lose as much as 500 points. Once the player has takes 300 points, he can either bank them or carry them for rolling but banking them will end the player’s turn. The player can only reroll the dice he did not score with and he can get a free roll when the player has already scored with all six dices.

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