Excit is a puzzle maze game that is uniquely created in an excel spreadsheet. This maze is totally mind boggling. Both kids and adults will surely play this brain twisting game. The objective of this game is guide the cursor to the exit without leaving the screen. The player can use the arrow keys to control the game. When the player presses an arrow key, the cursor will keep moving until it hits an obstacle. Each of the 30 levels has a password. The player can leave the game and continue playing later by entering the password that the player received the last time he played.

The player can monitor how many moves and how much time does it take for him to exit the maze. This is an incredible puzzle maze game that can be played in an MS excel spreadsheet. This will test your strategy skills and more complex mazes wait as you continue playing with the higher levels.

You can visit www.kongregate.com to know more about this exciting maze game and where you can play it for free. This website is the home of the most enjoyable puzzle games in the planet. Check it out now and find your favorite puzzle games.

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