The Derringer

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In the Wild West from 1865 to 1900, ladies carried a derringer in their purse,while the gambler kept his in a vest pocket attached to a watch chain. Derringers were about the same size and shape as this little puzzle. Both single and double barrel versions were popular. The bullets varied, .22, .32, .38 and………. .41 calibre. The carrying of such deadly weapons inspired much thought. Some were carried in boot tops, sleeve cuffs, waistbands and even inside hats. Ladies of uneasy virtue even carried them in a form of “crotch pouch”. This little puzzle will present a challenge, whereas the derringer it resembles, presented a customer for the local undertaker.
The Derringer is a fairly challenging brainteaser and PuzzleMaster give it a Difficulty Level of 10 on a scale of 5 to 10. It is well made of heavy stainless steel wire with a strong nylon cord and 2 wooden balls. It can be real challenging to separate the ring and balls from the derringer; and it is just as much of a challenge to put it back again.
Like so many good brainteasers, it is not particularly intimidating, but it soon becomes evident that it is harder than it looks.
As to who it would be suitable for; I would say it is more suitable for a seasoned puzzle lover than a novice. Then again, even a novice will be able to solve it quickly, once they learn how it’s done.

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