Wooden Path


Wooden Path is a puzzle game that will test your strategies. In this game, the player needs to use the mouse in order to push the objects around. The player’s task is to create strong and efficient wooden bridge across the river by moving the objects that are in the way. To remove a magical wall, the player needs to connect all switches with blocks of the same color. The teleports will automatically move the blocks from one teleport to another.

The graphics and sounds are all awesome. This game will truly bring you to the jungle of puzzles. This game may appear to create a friendly gaming environment but there could be enormous challenges that will absolutely bend and twist your brain. The level of difficulty increases as you play the game more and more. Let’s see how creative you are in solving puzzles. Besides of teleports, the players can enjoy the game using magic walls and plenty of surprises.

This is a game that will train you in building bridges with innumerable ways. Check out www.kongregate.com to discover more about this fascinating puzzle game and where you can play it for free. This website is one of the best sources of cool puzzle games for all ages.

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