Cast Chain

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The Cast Chain is another brilliant puzzle design by Oskar van Deventer; and manufactured by Hanayama and included in their collection of 52 cast puzzles,.and continually being added to. These puzzles are made by pouring zinc into a metal mold, known as the die-cast process. After casting, they are given various high quality finishes. Many are gold or chrome, or brass, but this one has a black finish. When trying to separate or connect the links, the solver should take note that the links have I,2 or 3 dots to tell them apart. As to difficultly, Hanayama give it a Difficulty Level of 6 out of 6. Puzzle Master give it 10 out of 10.  So, it is one of the more difficult in the Collection. It will really challenge a person with lots of experience in solving mechanical puzzles but may be a bit too challenging for a novice. Hanayama do not provide a solution with their puzzles, but PuzzleMaster will e-mail you a solution if you request one. Also, You Tube have video tutorials to help you if you get stumped and need some hints.
Oskar van Deventer is from the Netherlands and a renowned puzzle designer. He has a very interesting Website in which he discusses his love of designing puzzles and it has many of his puzzles displayed.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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