The Impossible Quiz 2


The Impossible Quiz 2 is another infuriating series of ludicrous questions from the Master of Quizaster! The player needs to think hard and carefully answer the mind bending questions. Check out and play this game to discover how addicting and popular it is. The rules are just simple; the player will only need to answer all the questions as best as he can. Just enjoy the fun of answering the impossible quiz question so you can survive.

This online puzzling quiz game is definitely not as easy at it may seem because the ultimate challenge here is to have quick reflexes, mad mouse skills, good old insane way of reasoning and a lot of luck in order to successfully complete a level. It would be an advantage if the player had already played the original impossible quiz. Although most of the questions come in multiple choices, this game will surely puzzle you. The trick to successfully win this game is to always think outside the box.

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