Flabber Floovers – Weaver Puzzle

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The Weaver Puzzles is a relatively simple brainteaser It is offered by Family Games America Inc. It was made in China, and consists a hardwood square 2 3/4 X2 3/4 X3/8 inches, with 4 holes, about about 1″ in diameter. Then there are 3 wooden balls. One is light in color with a rope loop running through it. There are also 2 dark colored balls with a rope attached to each one of them. The holes are all slightly smaller than the balls; thus the balls are unable to pass through the holes. All this is woven together. The object is to remove the lighter ball and its rope. It is an attractive little puzzle, very well made with good materials and is not easily damaged. It would be a good choice as an elementary level string puzzle. By elementary, one should not dismiss this as too simple. .It will provide a good challenge to both a novice as well as a more experienced puzzler. It is well packaged and a solution is included. It is such a puzzle that even once solved will continue to be enjoyed at a later time. The solution is given in 4 languages. If you really enjoy this puzzle the insert also lists 11 other puzzles they offer namely, Dipper, Labyrinth, Granville, Shackle, Yank, Duress, Gripper, Pulley, Abacus, Clench and Owl. All interesting sounding names and if they are as good as” Weaver “; they would make a wonderful collection of puzzles.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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