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This is an interesting puzzle. As a matter of fact, it is simply a dexterity or balancing act. As to quality, it is well made of hard wood, 3 polished metal rings, and a 4th metal ring, about twice as heavy ones, and colored green. There is a post fixed into the base, with a wooden ball that can be moved up, down and even removed from the post. I would think that most people would soon lose interest in the challenge to “create an orb with the rings and try to balance it on top of the pedestal”. However; once one sees the illustration inside the package, or if they see someone form and balance the orb; it quickly restores their interest….but then the challenge is “to do it”.
You won’t have any trouble getting people to try to balance the orb, but as the old adage goes,”It’s easier said (or seen) than done”.
When completed, it is a thing of beauty, highly unstable, and hardly suitable as an ornament.
To get the most out of this puzzle, spend some time with it practicing, so you become fairly good and quick; then everyone will want to “give it a try”.
By the way, over the last few days I have posted 3 other Reviews of puzzles by this same company,’
Urchin“,”Periscope” and “Sandpiper“. They are all listed here by Family Games, but the Orb is the only one that mentions Family Games on the package or inserts. These puzzles are difficult to find without using the name Family Games along with the name of the puzzles.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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