Plexle Puzzle – Wood

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This is an interesting little Jigsaw type puzzle that is harder to put together for two reasons, First there is no pattern nor picture to guide you; and secondly there are no straight or continuous edges on any of the sides. In other words, any piece can theoretically go anywhere. Being only 16 pieces, results in it seeming simple and anyone will give it a try. It doesn’t take long to realize it is by no means as simple as it looks. As with most Jigsaw puzzles, I like to apply some methodology to them. Here again, there are a lot of “close fits”,but as the old adage says,”Close only counts in horseshoes”. The puzzle is well made with the picture or design made of glossy paper and mounted on a wood backing. In all good puzzles there is an Aha!!Moment; and there is one with this, that aids greatly in solving or putting it together. If you have ever done a two sided puzzle, especially one with similar, but different, colors and designs on each side; the same aid comes into play.
Have fun with this puzzle, and enjoy your Aha!! Moment when you find the “aid”. Once found, you’ll be able to do this puzzle in a couple of minutes.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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