Rubik’s Spiral Challenge

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I’ve had a couple of other Jigsaw puzzles with patterns of Rubik’s Cubes as the picture to solve; but this one beats them hands down in challenging and entertaining any puzzler. Just because you can solve the 3 X 3 Rubik’s Cube in a minute or less; your skills and practice won’t be much help here.
To start with there are only 55 pieces that when assembled result in a 19″ X 19 ” configuration of a whole bunch of Rubik’s Cubes, in a Spiral with a ring of 9 large Cubes around the outside, then another ring of 9 smaller Cubes and on and on towards the center where there is one large cube. The pieces are not all the same size or shape. There are 5 sets of pieces that are identical in shape, but the patterns are not the same for each set. Then there are 2 pieces which are the same shape, and then 8 smaller pieces that are different shapes,; all with different patterns. When assembled, the Cubes are all in various unsolved arrangements.
The big difficulty does not come to putting the pieces together as in a normal Jigsaw puddle; but to make sure the squares on each puzzle are correct as in a real Rubik’s Cube.
This is a puzzle suitable for all ages and whether or not you have mastered the Rubik’s Cube matters not; or if you think a 55 piece Jigsaw puzzle lacks any challenge; this puzzle will give many hours of challenge and enjoyment.
This puzzle was created by John Edmark and made in the Netherlands in 2010. Most Jigsaws are quite cheaply made, but this one is made of heavy material that will withstand lots of use.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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