Triangle Pyramid Wooden Brain Teaser

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Recently someone gave me a wood pyramid puzzle minus the packaging or name of manufacturer. It looks similar to this Triangle Pyramid Wooden Brain Teaser but has 11 pieces and a wood triangular tray. The 5 pieces are dark and 6 pieces are light. Pyramid puzzles come in several versions; the simplest is Pyramid Puzzle (set of 2) here on Amazon and for which I wrote a review on September 19, 2012. It is probably the oldest, most common and most basic with only 2 pieces. From that simple puzzle, they go on to 3, 4, 14, etc. pieces. Some are triangular bases and some are square. Some have different colored pieces, and some are also constructed with balls joined in various configurations. I decided to post a review here because I wasn’t able to find one exactly like mine. I am sure it can be solved with the colors making different patterns. I happened to solve it with the top and middle layers all showing dark pieces. The bottom layer is all light except for 1 piece. This is the type of puzzle that is not intimidating and will give lots of entertainment and challenge to young and old alike plus a real sense of satisfaction when completed. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master



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