Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks

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It seems that YO-YO’s hit a big craze about every 10 years or so. The last one was at the end of the 90’s and we saw an amazing advancement in the technology of yo-yos, tricks being performed, books available and a profusion of stuff on the “net”.  This was the second book by Bruce Weber and Advanced Yo-Yo Tricks is excellent both for a beginner and for someone wanting to add to their repertoire of tricks. His first book “You Can YO-YO Too!” was also excellent – especially for beginners. In the late 1990’s there was an explosion in yo-yo’s and everything to go along with them. I bought dozens of them and for “a kid of 64” at that time, it was fun to find the latest for sale and have enough “coin” in my pocket to buy anything I saw. My first purchase, a Yomega Fireball, was an unbelievable advancement over anything I had played with in my youth. It seemed that each time I went into a store, I found something new. I really liked everything Yomega came up with. Spintastics also had awesome yo-yos. Another one of my favorites was the aluminum “Zombie”, which I bought in all colors. There were excellent wood ones around, such as the “Rainbow” also.   I bought so many different ones, I soon had a collection which included just about everything imaginable. One of the strangest I came across and never encountered again was “Turbo Sparkler” made by Da Mert Co, San Leandro, Ca, in 1989. It had Mylar tassels similar to an Indian jacket and was as eye-catching as a Go-Go dancer. Lots of show effect but short on ability to do tricks. Then there were all the fancy bearings, trans-axel, Butterfly, auto-return, electronic with lights and even built in counters. We even had our local champion, “Fast Eddy” McDonald in Toronto brand his own excellent yo-yo’s.  Magazines dedicated to yo-yo’s began and even a glossy super magazine, 128 pages, in color, including tricks, yo-yo’s, personalities, filled with everything. It was called “YO-YO World”.  The Premier Issue came out in 1999, and was to be a Bi-Monthly. As far as I know, there was only one issue published.

Then the “Craze” started to pass. Stores slashed prices drastically and for a while there were unbelievable buys to be had. Now there are a few around but not many and not much different. I went into a store one day and found the most expensive yo-yo I’d ever come across. It was Tom Kuhn’s, ball-bearing “Roller Wood – The World’s best!” claiming to be “the World’s Longest Spinning Wooden Yo-Yo’s”. It came in a box and was discounted by 70%. The craze was over for now, anyway! I was at the Canadian National Expedition this summer and saw two young boys about 12 or so doing some pretty good tricks. It just goes to show you that Yo-Yoing abates for a while but will return again, bigger and better. I can only imagine, after what advancements were made in the late 90’s what is in store for us in a few years. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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