CRYSTAL PUZZLE Heart 50085 (Imported from Japan)

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The idea of the CRYSTAL PUZZLE Heart 50085 (Imported from Japan) is very unique. First of all, when completed this “jigsaw” becomes a heart shaped 3-D object, with a stand to sit it on. Each puzzle piece differs from a standard jigsaw piece in that they are 2-layer. The pieces are made from clear acrylic and thus much more sturdy than typical cardboard jigsaws and those other 3-D puzzles which are made of foam covered with paper. Hence, when trying to assemble and when completed, the object is not flimsy, but very solid. Since there is no picture or colors to give you clues, all you have is shapes to deal with. At first glance, this puzzle looks very simple as there are only 46 pieces, but don’t let that fool you. This puzzle will challenge and entertain people who like jigsaw puzzles or puzzles in general. It also comes with a large acrylic “pin” which is inserted through the heart to hold it firmly together when completed. Of course, the first thing one must do to disassemble the heart is to remove this pin. You can purchase this puzzle at Amazon.

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