Beginner’s Collection Essentials Ep. 2 – Windmill/Fisher Cube

The Windmill and Fisher Cube are the latest puzzles featured at Puzzle Master. These items are must-have starter kits for first-time players. These puzzles are great, awesome and fun to play with. Plus, it will keep the newbies busy and preoccupied for hours.

The Windmill Cube was developed in 2003 by Japanese inventor, Katsuhiko Okamoto. It is a 3x3x3 cube and shapeshifts nicely when scrambled. Since 2001, Okamoto has designed many puzzles including the floppy cube, bevel cube, void cube, super scramble cube, latch cube, master pyraminx, master octagonal prism, master skewb, quarter cube, and lettuce cube.

The Fisher Cube, on the other hand, is a pretty simple puzzle. The center of the cube can be converted into an edge when twisted and vice versa. At the same time, the center of the puzzle can be mixed-up. Overall, this is a good puzzle and one of the slickest twisty cubes ever made.

Both puzzles are designed with a shape shifting 3x3x3 cube. These whimsical puzzles can be a great gift or a cool addition to your gallery. You can purchase the Windmill/Fisher Cube at Puzzle Master.

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