Cast Twist

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The Cast Twist is one of the latest puzzles in the premier collection of puzzles by HANAYAMA. My puzzle came in the Black and Gold package so familiar from this company. However,the picture shown on Amazon shows different packaging; Black and Green with the name BePuzzled on it. I don’t know why the different packages, but the puzzle is identical, and made by Hanayama, designed by the well known Puzzle designer Oskar van Deventer from the Netherlands. The puzzle is actually made in China. My package gives a date of 2013 whereas the info here states 2014. The company Hanayama, is very popular with puzzle enthusiasts and has a long history of offering excellent puzzles. They were formed in 1933 and their collection of Cast Puzzles is around 60, and included with each puzzle is a colored insert showing all the Cast Puzzles in the collection, and a bit about the history and manufacture of the puzzles. Once any puzzle enthusiast gets one of these puzzles, they will, without doubt, want to have more. They make excellent gifts, stocking stuffers, etc. for any puzzle lover. Another great thing about these puzzles are that they are very inviting for novice as well as experienced puzzlers to solve. Also, once solved, they don’t lose their appeal, because, after being put away for a while, they can be a challenge all over again. This Cast Twist is a beautiful object to look at and hold as well as intriguing and challenging. As with all these Hanayama puzzles the material and quality is superb. The puzzle consists of 2 pieces, one silver and one gold. Each is shaped like a small donut with a slot to allow them to fit together. Each piece has a tiny bump on the inside of the ring and troughs or channels around them that are a maze. To get them apart one has to maneuver the bump through the maze. It is a fairly challenging puzzle with a Difficulty of 4 out of 6; and just as difficult to put back together as it was to take apart. There was no solution provided. In the past you would have had to send away and pay a solution provided if you couldn’t solve it.  Now solutions can be found on the internet and tutorials are available on YouTube.  Therefore, don’t get discouraged and discard the puzzle if you seem stumped. These are excellent puzzles to carry in your pocket to bring out whenever friends gather.  Never use force to solve them because it is not necessary and may damage the puzzle.

You can purchase this puzzle and get the solution at Puzzle Master.

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