Picture Puzzles: How Many Differences Can You Find?

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Pardon my pun in the title but I just couldn’t help it. Who hasn’t done these little “Spot-The-Difference” type puzzles in local papers, magazines or other puzzle books? Some are simple, some are hard, some are subtle, slight and some can be very elusive and frustrating to find. If you enjoy them, you will also like Picture Puzzles: How Many Differences Can You Find?  This is a great book to test your observation skills. The book is excellently conceived and constructed. It has a spiral binding, the best type of binding for this type of book. It has high quality, heavy, glossy paper and the print and color rendition is also excellent, a prerequisite if you want to rate a book like this as excellent. On quick count, there are 132 different puzzles and answers supplied for all of them at the back of the book. The puzzles are presented in 4 sections or levels, with each level getting increasingly more difficult. The number of differences in the puzzles ranges from 1 to 12.There are also differences in how the puzzles are displayed. Some are two photos per page, identical but with altered differences. Some pages will have 4 to 6 photos and the challenge is to find the 1 difference among them.  Some are presented with 2 full-page photos with differences to spot. The differences can vary from objects missing, added, moved, shrunken or enlarged, color changes, words altered, changes in shapes and patterns or whatever else the creator dreams up to challenge you. Some are very obvious while others will keep you frustrated in finding the “last” one. Don’t let the number of differences make you assume that finding only one difference is easy. Finding one small difference in 6 similar photos can be just as hard as finding 6 or more differences in two photos.

These puzzles can be as much fun for young or old and requires no special skills other than persistence and a discerning eye. While doing some puzzles, my 6 year old neighbor dropped by and wondered what I was doing. I showed him and he really enjoyed them and got great satisfaction when he was able to “spot” the differences. There are several suggestions as to how to “mark” the differences when found. Some are the use of pencils, markers, tracing paper, etc. but I would suggest you to refrain from any of them and just “count” the differences as you find them and try to find the number of changes that you are told are in the puzzle. That way, the book remains pristine and can be done by others or even returned to later. There are lots of other spot-the-difference puzzles listed and it doesn’t really matter if you get the latest version or an older one because there really isn’t much “difference”.  You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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