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Here is a famous brain teaser from the puzzle magazines.  Slitherlink is a logic puzzle inspired by Sudoku, where the player has to use deductive reasoning to uncover the solution. There are only two simple rules for this game; 1) connect the dots to make a circle and 2) the number of lines has to match the number on the board. While the overall concept of this game appears to be simple, it’s harder than it looks and will provide hours of entertainment.

This is the perfect game app for people who want to give their brains good exercise. Give this puzzle game a try and let’s see how far you can go in completing the levels. All of the challenges have been created by professional puzzle designers. Each puzzle is carefully developed to be as enjoyable as possible. There are over 100 additional downloadable puzzles for amateur and intermediate players. This game is easy to understand and there is a tutorial for beginners. This awesome puzzle game was created by Tatsuya Kaido.

Check out  to learn more about the game and where you can download it for free. This website is one of the most favorite sources of downloadable puzzle game apps that kids and adults will surely love. Go visit the site now and find lots of fascinating and brain twisting games for your iPhone.

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