Tower of Babel

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This is a beautiful puzzle to sit on a shelf or table. The pieces colored white, black and orange add to its beauty,and are actually an aid in completing the puzzle. In the case of many such wood puzzles; half the challenge is in taking it apart in the first place.  But fear not, this one has a locking stick at the top, and it is very loose and slides out without any effort. As a matter of fact, it falls out simply if the puzzle is turned over.Once this stick is removed,all the other pieces are easily removed from top to bottom.
Now, the puzzle begins with reassembling it. As I took it apart, I lined them up in order and found it went back together quite easily. The real challenge lies in mixing the pieces up after disassembling.
It is a puzzle that looks a lot simpler than it really is.  That is good since people are not intimidated and  will “want to give it a try” quite readily.

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