Vudoku Cube Unboxing

The Vudoku Cube is a new cool puzzle from Puzzle Master. The overall look is quite interesting and stimulating due to the different numbers featured on the surface of the cube. Each square includes numbers 1 to 9 making this puzzle appear mathematically challenging.

The Vudoku Cube is also known as the V3. Since it looks quite similar to a Sudoku cube, chances are, it might have been the source of its name too. The puzzle is designed with a V-cube and a Sudoku theme. With one glance, this cube appears to be pretty much intimidating. However, you need to solve it up-close.

A useful tip is to take a photo of the cube in its original state. This will serve as your guide in solving the puzzle, especially since it requires a serious analyzation of numbers.

The cube is designed with a matte finish and flat surface. It comes in a nice packaging and a standard guide booklet. Its rotating mechanism is up to standards similar to other V-cubes.

This puzzle will surely keep you engrossed during the problem-solving stage. Once you figure out small solutions, you will definitely feel successful and empowered to continue. Having a sense of accomplishment on its own is definitely worth it.

Patience and perseverance are just some of the skills you can learn from playing Vudoku. This fun and exciting puzzle can also improve your focus and concentration. You can purchase the Vudoku Cube at Puzzle Master.

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