Amazing Mazes: 7 Interactive 3-D Mazes plus Fun Facts

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Amazing Mazes: 7 Interactive 3-D Mazes plus Fun Facts is a rather unusual concept for presenting the fascination of mazes. It is a good introduction to mazes and the history of them ever since they were first designed thousands of years ago. The description fairly well represents what you’ll find in the “package”.  I call it a package because it is really very different from a typical book. There are only 15 pages. There are several good photographs and illustrations with informative albeit brief text to go with them. The paper and printing quality is very good. What is different about this package is that it includes 3 large and 4 small mazes embedded within the book and they are not intended nor designed to be removed. The first 2 mazes are back-to-back in the front cover. One metal ball travels around one maze and when completed goes through to the other maze. Neither is very difficult. The back cover is composed of a large maze on the inside with 4 small mazes on the outside. Once again, there is only one metal ball that must travel between all 5 mazes. Each of the mazes is very simple. Like I said, the concept is good but it pretty much ends there. The overall construction is where this product comes up short. The mazes themselves are enclosed with fairly heavy cellophane, but are loose fitting. This results in the metal ball easily getting stuck and unable to move. This will soon become a problem. In fact, within a short time, I had to pry it open and use a thin object to dislodge the ball. In addition to that, the cover at the binding is ridiculously fragile for an item like this and soon broke open. I had to use “library tape” and glue to put it together and repair it. On top of that, the front and back halves of the package are held together by glue between the backs of pages 11 and 12,as well as the inside spline. Everything has to be separated and opened up and had to be repaired to keep the whole thing from falling apart. I had a hard job rating this product because I thought the concept was excellent but the construction was really awful. This item would be a big disappointment if purchased for a school, library or even for home use. As to the mazes themselves, they are overly simple and nowhere as challenging or entertaining as any basic hand held maze or book of pencil mazes. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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