Iso Crate – Brain Teaser

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This gem of a puzzle, the Iso Crate – Brain Teaser, was designed by Robert Rose. It is extremely well conceived and constructed. It is a 1 3/4 inch skeleton of a cube. It is made of solid, anodized aluminum, consisting of 8 identically L-shaped pieces. If that was all there was to it, assembling the pieces into the cube would be no challenge at all.  The challenge presents itself with magnets that have been imbedded into each piece.  There are 3 magnets per piece. 4 pieces have the magnets in the same place while the other 4 have 1 magnet on the opposite side. When one tries to construct the cube, the magnet’s polarity either helps or hinders, depending on whether they attract or reject. When properly assembled, all joints have “connecting” magnets. The puzzle is not very intimidating , nevertheless one that will prove attractive to novice and enthusiasts alike. It is very durable, virtually indestructible and will make a great decoration or conversation piece. If you are interested in more puzzles of this type, look up the name of its designer Robert Rose on the net. You can purchase this puzzle at Puzzle Master.

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