Jean Claude Constantin Mini Pins

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This is a beautiful puzzle that as pretty as a puzzle can get.  It consists of a wooden tray that holds 6 wooden blocks.  Each block has 3 holes and they fit into the tray in two layers.  The puzzle comes with 9 aluminum pins. The pins are long enough to go through two of the wood blocks with about a quarter of an inch protruding. The challenge is to remove the 6 wood blocks along with the 9 pins; scramble them and replace them in the tray. The width of the holes and the thickness of the pins are identical, although the spacing of the holes is different. When complete, each pin will go through 2 wood blocks.It is more challenging than it looks and has a difficulty level of 7 on a scale of 5 to 10.
This puzzle was designed and made by one of the best puzzle designers in the world, Jean Claude Constantin of Germany. He has designed hundreds of beautiful and challenging puzzles.  If you want to see some of the fascinating puzzles he has invented; a search of his name on the internet will show many of his designs.
This puzzle looks inviting to play with and is a good choice for anyone of all ages who likes puzzles.
Once you have enjoyed this puzzle, you will also find another of Constantin’s called Nagelbrett to be a good challenge. It is quite similar but consists of 12 pentominoes and 12 pins.

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