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I have been a huge fan of optical illusions for a long time and have already collected a number of pieces throughout the years. I have written a number of reviews, 9 in particular, on various optical illusions posted under “Amazing Visual Illusions” dated December 10, 2011.

The Amazing Optical Illusions is an excellent book on amazing visual illusions. There are a lot of books published on optical illusions by various authors. However, there is a huge risk of duplication of illusions as well as different versions.

For example, the cover, number of pages, illusions featured, and publisher of the book I previously bought is exactly the same as this book. The only difference is the date published. Mine was 2006 while this book was dated 2007. This book is a collection of the most prominent and creative artworks in the optical illusions category.

This book introduces the basic principles and foundations of various optical illusions. The illusions are segregated into 6 segments with accompanying side notes for each section. In the ““Classic Optical Illusions” section, it illustrates 18 types of illusions by “The Inventors”. The book also contains a glossary of optical illusion terms as well as a short listing of other publications and websites for additional information.

The optical illusion category is constantly evolving and changing. The artists are always coming up with new ideas and designs. Once you compare old and new books on optical illusions, you’ll be surprised to see how different they are from each other.

To quote the famous optical illusion artist Gianni Sarcone, “A world without problems is an illusion, so is a world without solutions.” This book is available for purchase at

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