Beginner’s Collection Essentials Ep. 4 – Megaminx

The Megaminx is a new puzzle featured at Puzzle Master. It contains 50 movable pieces that you can reshuffle. This cube is definitely a brain teaser. The objective of this puzzle is to mix and scramble the colors and bring it back it to its original state.

The Megaminx has been tagged as the Magic Dodecahedron. Many players are highly recommending this puzzle and is gaining popularity on its own.

The Megaminx is a dodecahedron puzzle. It has similar features as the Rubik’s cube which is designed with a center, corner, and edge. The only difference is its form and shape. The puzzle starts to become appealing once you mix and jumble the pieces. However, once it’s all scrambled, newbies may find this a little bit overwhelming.

There are many versions of the Megaminx including the 30-color Megaminx and Hexaminx cuboid, which were presented in the video. However, other types of the Megaminx are recommended for more advanced players such as the Flowerminx, Holy Megaminx, Gigaminx, and Teraminx.

This is an excellent puzzle and can help improve your concentration and short term memory. You can purchase the Megaminx at Puzzle Master.

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