The Big Book of Puzzles and Paradoxes

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As far as I am concerned, there is no other way to describe The Big Book of Puzzles and Paradoxes than to call it “a real delightful gem of a tome”.  I have been a lover of puzzles of every type for over 60 years.  I have a large library of puzzle books – well over 1200 of them.  My favorite is Sam Loyd’s “Cyclopedia of Puzzles” which was published in 1914 and sold with a prize to the first person to correctly solve all the puzzles. The story of what happened is one of the great stories about puzzles in America. Sam Loyd is generally accepted as America’s greatest Puzzler. That book is a real treasure for several reasons but especially for how the puzzles are presented and the wonderful artwork and illustrations that accompany them. I can think of no other puzzle book that even comes close to it. A couple of years ago I found a book by this author, Fabrice Mazza, that really caught my attention.  It was a beautifully illustrated and an overall magnificent book of puzzles titled Le Grand Livre des Enigmes” Casse-tete et jeux de logique.  It is all in French and was published and printed in France in 2006. It is filled with wonderful illustrations and contains illuminated artwork on every page. Although new, it is made to look like a book printed in the Middle Ages with a padded hard cover and even a ribbon bookmark. Even the puzzles seem like they were about the Middle Ages; names of people, objects, and clothing are all are from those times. I bought it, not only for the puzzles, but simply because it was so beautiful and different. It looks very much like “The Big Book of Riddles, Puzzles and Enigmas”, by Fabrice Mazza, shown here on Amazon, published by Metro Books in 2008. By the way, I had never come across the name of the author before. Recently, I got another book by the same author, but this time it was in English; “The Big Book of Paradoxes, Puzzles and Problems“. It is very similarly published by Carlton Books in England and printed in China. It is just as well illustrated, also with Illumination Art on each page, has the same Medieval theme and almost but not quite, as well done as the one in French. The book has 304 pages and the puzzles are presented, one on each page, and answers are given for each puzzle, also similarly presented one per page. The puzzles range from very simple to quite challenging. I don’t really know how many, if any, the author has created or altered himself and many would be familiar to anyone who has been a long time puzzle enthusiast. It is still entertaining to go through these puzzles and you will definitely enjoy them, the medieval theme make you feel as though you are holding a puzzle book from medieval times. You can purchase this book at Amazon.


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