Q-BA-MAZE 20 Pack Hot


Q-BA-MAZE 20 Pack Hot is a fun and entertaining game that you can do alone or with another player. This game can be enjoyed by both adults and children of ages 4 and above.

I tried searching for this on Amazon but couldn’t find it. My next attempt was more successful and I finally found it on Google. There are several videos on You Tube demonstrating how the game is played.

If you enjoy constructing objects and using your imagination to assemble structures, then you will definitely enjoy this game. There are 3 types of cubes with different exit holes. Some have only one in the bottom, others in one side, while some have holes in both sides.

The game set includes 36 cubes and 14 balls. There are two ways to connect the cubes in order to construct the structures. These are attached to paths which allow the steel balls to flow from start to finish.

You can combine multiple sets to create better structures. The maze is created depending on how you connect the cubes. You are the one responsible for constructing the maze and the balls just follow their way through the path unless there are road blocks along the way.

Creating the path and structure is fun and challenging. It produces a sound effect when the balls are dropped in the maze. It doesn’t take long to determine which cubes has only one exit hole in the bottom. Using two different ways of attaching cubes add to the stability of the structure.

This game is a relaxing way to play with constructing toys using a lot of variety and imaginative possibilities. There are a lot of ideas for structures that you can find on You Tube. However, the purpose of this game is to allow you to create your own maze.

I recommend you buy the 50-piece set since it provides more variety and options over the lesser pieces. Two sets of this will definitely produce a number of challenges. You can check the videos on You Tube for more information. This puzzle is available for purchase at Amazon.

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