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ThinkFun Square by Square has stood the test of time. It may have been around even longer than Binary Arts. Binary Arts is the same company as ThinkFun which was eventually renamed several years ago.

The game “Visual Brain Storms” by Binary Arts has a copyright of 1995. At the same time, another version of this identical game is sold under ThinkFun with the same copyright of 1995.

Square by Square is an excellent game. It is suitable for all ages and can be played by one person or multiple players. All you have to do is to shuffle the cards and time each player as they take turns in solving the puzzle.

There are 60 cards or puzzles to solve which are all designed with the same level of difficulty. There are two stages in solving the puzzle. First, you need to solve the figure using the green pieces. Second, the remaining blue pieces must be positioned to complete the square.

There are available hints but they are hardly needed. There is only one solution provided for each puzzle but it is possible to have more than one answer. Regarding the difficulty level, the green figures are positioned instantly while the remaining blue pieces are usually completed in under a minute.

The puzzles are very easy to solve. Some players suggest the cards should be divided into easy, medium, and difficult categories. I discovered that putting the straight pieces in first is the quickest solution.

When it comes to packaging, the cards can fit in the drawer but unfortunately the tiles cannot. A cloth bag for storage is included in the set. In spite of it all, the ThinkFun Square is still an excellent game.

Once you solve all 60 puzzles, you can create new challenges of your own by using the green tiles. This puzzle is available for purchase at Puzzle Master.

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