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Stickets is an award-winning and sophisticated vicious puzzle game. It was recognized as Freeplay’s Best Australian Game in 2012 and was selected for the Leftfield Collection, Rezzed in 2013. This game features a simple and minimalist theme.

This puzzle is designed with beautiful and interactive soundscapes which are quite fascinating. Complete as many levels as possible to test the limit of your puzzle solving skills. Certified puzzle geeks will definitely get hooked with this brain teaser.

This game will challenge the player’s problem solving and strategy skills especially since it has three modes of difficulty. If you think you are smart enough to play this game, try it out and see how many levels you can complete. This is a great and interesting game for all puzzle lovers which was created by Wanderlands.

Check out to learn more about this game and download it for free. This website is one of the most popular sources of downloadable puzzle apps for both kids and adults. Visit the site to see more challenging games for your iPhone.


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